John Gurda

"The past is always present"


Milwaukee writer and historian

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The Making of Milwaukee

"Reading it is like going into a time machine and experiencing the city that used to be, and observing how the city became what it is today ...."

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The Making of Milwaukee DVD set

"From civic saints to scoundrels, industrialists to Socialists, Potawatomi to Hmong, The Making of Milwaukee tells the story of our city."

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Cream City Chronicles: Stories of Milwaukee's Past

"No living person knows more about Milwaukee's past than John Gurda, and Cream City Chronicles readily displays his gifts as a historian and a writer. Cream City Chronicles is must reading for anyone who truly wants to understand and appreciate Milwaukee's rich heritage." - James Marten, Professor of History, Marquette University

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One People, Many Paths: A History of Jewish Milwaukee

"Golda Meir grew up in Milwaukee. The iconic Settlement Cookbook originated in Milwaukee kitchens. The city's Jewish community produced figures as diverse as entertainer Gene Wilder, baseball commissioner Bud Selig, and clothing designer Florence Eiseman, as well as business giants ranging from Masterlock to Manpower..." review

Cover of "One People, Many Paths: A History of Jewish Milwaukee"